Global Chemist Network

    The vision of Advance NanoTek is to become a world-class leader in the development of a library of market ready end formulations to be sold by our distribution network and brand owners globally. 

    We currently have 16 chemists in the network and are looking to grow this number. 

    Further evidence of our commitment to quality performance is our registration of ISO 9001:2015. The quality management system ensures consistent high quality products by identifying the needs of our customers and applicable regulatory requirements. Our goal is to produce quality assured products that guarantee customer satisfaction through the diligent application of the quality management system. . 


    Formulation Chemists

    Company Country Formulation Fields
    ACT Solutions Corp. USA Sunscreen, Emulsion Technologies
    Allure Labs USA Lip Balm
    Antrim Cosmetics Solutions Canada Moisturiser, Sunscreens
    Beauty Lab  Greece Lip Balm, Skin Cream
    Cosmacon GmbH Germany  Sunscreen, Facial Cream, Lipsticks
    Cosmetic Lab Solutions Germany  Beauty Creams, Make Up Technologies, Skin Cream
    Cosmetic Solutions South Africa Sunscreens
    GreenPharma France Sunscreens, Skin Creams
    Here 2 Grow England Sunscreen, Skin Creams
    INNOCOS Consulting USA Sunscreens, Skin Care
    Inovapotek Portugal  Skin Care, Dispersion Technologies
    JPH Suncare England Skin Cream, Sunscreen
    NgoTiAge Canada Skin Creams, Baby Lotions
    Scentrelle Consulting Australia Beauty Creams, Skin Creams
    SASA Cosmetics and Consulting LLC USA Body Lotions
    UNICUS Pharmaceuticals USA Sunscreens