Corporate Overview


Advance NanoTek Limited was formed in 1997 to commercialise an advanced materials technology originally developed by the University of Western Australia. The technology was first scaled-up via a joint venture with Samsung Corning Co. Ltd, of Korea (2000 to 2004), and then as a stand-alone operation. Advance NanoTek Limited is listed on the Australian Stock Exchange and trades under the ASX code ANO. 


Advance NanoTek has expanded from its original research-based foundations to the development of a broader range of advanced material opportunities. Advance NanoTeks' core skills now include the development, manufacturing and marketing of innovative products based on a range of proprietary advanced material technologies and manufacturing processes. To date, Advance NanoTeks' commercialised products include metal oxide powders, dispersions of zinc oxide and recently end product formulations ("ZinXation"). 

Advance NanoTeks' primary commercialised products include a transparent zinc oxide based broad spectrum UV absorber for use in the suncare and cosmetics sectors (ZinClear®) and an aluminium oxide pigment (Alusion®). Advance NanoTek sells into international markets via a current network of 15 distributors/resellers representing 23 countries.


Advance NanoTek has strong intellectual property protection in place and has developed a patent portfolio consisting of a number of patents which are either granted or under application in major territories around the world.

Advance NanoTek is partnering with a number of universities in Australia to develop further applications of IP that have been dormant for some time. We will attempt to commercialise several of our existing patents including the development of our patents in solar battery technology and 3D Zirconia.